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Dive Sites

Dahab Dive Sites Inmo Divers

Dahab is renowned for its shore diving and most of the 30 dive sites are accessible by jeep.

Dahab became famous amongst divers thanks to the Blue Hole and the Canyon, classic and already legendary deep-diving sites.

Spots such as the Lighthouse, Eel Garden,  Abu Thalhal and other sites with their fascinating flora and fauna, are also enjoyable, even for those looking for “easier diving”.

Each dive site is different from the next. The Gardens, the Canyon, the Caves can also be dived from different drop-off points. If you choose to dive through underwater labyrinths you, as well as those who have gone before you, will be fascinated by them. You may be inspired by the sight of seahorses in sea-grass at the Lighthouse or the Lagoon or even catch a glimpse of a Spanish Dancer, which can be spotted in any of Dahab’s dive spots even during the day.

We recommend a one or more day camel or jeep safari along the coast to more remote dive sites.

About Some of our Local Dive Sites
INMO House Reef 

Nudi Inmo Divers DahabSnail Inmo Divers Dahab

The house reef is immediately in front of our hotel and dive centre. The reef edge lies only a few metres away from the beach. It is a dive site that pleases both photography and film enthusiasts as well as the amateur. It offers a dive of around 15 metres in depth, with a colourful coral wall and free-standing coral blocks which provide a habitat for innumerable sea creatures.

From the Arab emperor fish, lion fish, seahorses, groupers to the blue spotted stingray, here you find nearly everything that the Red Sea has to offer.

With a maximum depth of 30 metres, the dive spot is equally suitable for experienced divers and for training diving skills.  This is, however, ill-advised if there are strong winds. At night, you can see feather stars, shrimps, octopi and much more besides. The bioluminating plankton will be yet another unforgettable experience for you to treasure.

The Island

Red Sea Inmo Divers DahabDiving Inmo Divers Dahab

The Island is one of the most beautiful dive spots around Dahab. Due to its maximum depth of 18-20 meters, it is suitable for an outstanding afternoon-dive. We recommend you wait for the high tide, because you have to cross approximately 20 meters of reef table on foot in order to reach the entrance. Here you will be diving in one of three sand pools. You can dive through it in a northerly direction and then set out for the exit through a coral-labyrinth. In this coral-labyrinth you may come across large schools of yellowtail barracudas. Seen from above, the dive site looks like two islands clinging to each other. This enormous reef formation grew in such a way that it resembles a labyrinth made out of coral. On the exterior, you may see, with some luck, an eagle ray with its majestic wings giving the impression that it is sliding rather than swimming through the water. The exit begins with a small tunnel which opens directly onto the reef table. As such, you are not obstructed when exiting.

3 Pools

3Pools Diving Inmo Divers Dahab3 Pools Diving Inmo Divers Dahab

The name of the dive site designates its characteristic entrance. The reef lagoon is divided by coral walls into three basins, which form the entrance into a fantastic coral garden on the exterior of the reef roof. There are frequently yellowtail-barracudas in the pools. The formations of hard corals are well worth seeing. The coral blocks projecting from the steep wall live in unison with glass fish. Turning now towards the pools in the south, you cross over a large sand surface where you may be able to observe other rays in the morning hours.

The Canyon

Diving Inmo Divers Dahab Red SeaBlue Hole Diving Inmo Divers Dahab

The Canyon, which ranks amongst the most well-known of Dahab dive sites, provides you with a variety of dive options. A lagoon has formed right next to the beach facilitating entry to the dive site. Coming from the lagoon to the open water, a beautiful coral formation blocks the free view into the clear blue of the Red Sea. Turning now in a northerly direction, you come to a crack in the reef plateau, which probably resulted from an earthquake. This Canyon stretches to a plateau and begins at approximately 12 meters with The Fishbowl. The fishbowl entry has been closed recently as divers bubbles were beginning to damage this delicate coral cave.

Glass fish pool  Inmo Divers DahabBlue Hole Diving Inmo Divers Dahab

The Fishbowl looks like a small pizza oven. Entry is through the "chimney" of the oven and the exit is from the mouth of the oven! Diving experience permitting, we recommend you follow the gap down to approximately 19 meters and then drop down 30 metres through a broad opening. Here the Canyon opens to a cave through which you dive upwards as far as the "Cathedral" in order to leave the Canyon again. The Fishbowl is full of glass fish, which completely surround you on your way to the exit..
If you dive the Canyon later in the morning, you will see a curtain of trapped bubbles ascending from the gap. Upon leaving the lagoon in a southerly direction you will see a very beautiful coral garden. The Canyon has something to offer everyone. Frequently, a turtle comes out of the coral garden. Above the sandy area you are sure to find  lionfish. A steep rock slope, which drops into unfathomable depths, forms the end of the reef plateau. The Canyon offers everything a diver could wish for.  We recommend a minimum of two or three dives at this marvelous site.

Bells & Blue Hole

blue hole Inmo Divers

The Blue hole, the most famous and notorious dive site of Dahab. It is the northernmost dive site which is reached by vehicle.
It is a near circular dark-blue hole in the reef roof with a diameter of approximately 25 meters dropping down to a depth of over 100 m. The corals inside the Blue Hole are nothing in comparison to those on the external wall. The steep wall, which stretch along the coast, is breathtaking. It is overgrown with a multiplicity of corals with a magnificent view into the deep blue. Filigrane fan corals, fire corals, as well as tree soft corals can be found here. You can dive this spot in different ways. Entering the Blue hole you cross the reef roof over a saddle of 7 m. The steep wall can be dived on its left or right shoulder. Another entrance somewhat north is called Bells. After a short climb over a rock, you arrive at a gap in the bank. If you dive here, you jump into a one sided open chimney, which drops down vertically to a depth of 27 m. Jump in.

Blue Hole Inmo Divers DahabBlue Hole Diving Inmo Divers DahabDiving Blue Hole Inmo Divers Dahab

But caution! Do not forget to inflate your jacket at the end of the chimney, since here the steep wall drops down to an unfathomable depth (one says approx. 800 m).
Along overhangs, you follow the right shoulder of the steep wall in a southerly direction. You should now slowly leave the depth of 30 m. in order to be able to enjoy the most beautiful coral formations within the somewhat flatter ranges. Also the saddle of the Blue Hole is fascinating for its splendid colours. You reach it after approximately 20 minutes and it can be recognized  from approximately 12 m depth easily. The two exits of the Blue Hole cannot be missed due to their characteristic notch.

Dive each site in any case taking into consideration your diving knowledge and certification in order to enjoy many beautiful dives.

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